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Project Profile: Wirth Park Natural-Surface Trail Planning and Design (Mountain Biking and Hiking Trails) - MPRB

The project focused on three key tasks/outcomes: 
- Facilitate a trail planning workshop
- Facilitate design/development purpose-built mountain bike trails
  for general use and events  
- Facilitate design/development of natural-surfaced hiking trails 

The first task followed our Natural-Surfaced Trail Planning and Design Workshops format (see link) tailored for this application. 

In 2013, Schoenbauer Consulting, LLC worked with MPRB and the local MB trail advocates to apply the workshop outcomes in the field as part of a demonstration project. This allowed the two parties to work together in developing a new trail to test the process and refine working relationships. In the end, the new professionally-built flow trail will complement the well-liked hand built trails previously developed by the local group through volunteer efforts.    

In 2014, the plan is to expand this collaborative effort by designing a specialty mountain bike trail for high school leagues and other organized race events. Using this same collaborative approach, new hiking trails will be designed on the southern end of the park to improve the trail experience for hikers and trail runners. 

As the top two photos illustrate, Jeff and Kathy actively participate in the field design to ensure that desired outcomes defined at the planning level are realized in the final design. Key to designing these purpose-built trails is carefully defining the targeting user groups and skill levels. This is especially the case with mountain bike trails, where all trails need to be designed to meet a specific need along with working well as part of an overall system.