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Research Initiatives and Public Outreach/Engagement

Schoenbauer Consulting, LLC has undertaken a variety of research initiatives to understand issues and trends and inform decision making. In each case, Kathy was the principal-in-charge and project manager, overseeing the design, administration, analysis, reporting, and presentation of results. 

Additional featured projects include:
  • Community surveys for a variety of cities, including Maplewood, Inver Grove Heights, Coon Rapids, Rogers, and St. Louis Park
Project Profile: Qualitative Research Regarding Outdoor Recreation Participation in Minnesota – MN DNR 

In 2007, MN DNR commissioned Kathy Schoenbauer (in concert with C.J. Olson Market Research) to do focus groups in an effort to gain an understanding of the factors that underlie declining participation in nature-based recreation in general, and in the use of Minnesota state parks in particular. 

A total of five focus groups were conducted. Each group targeted adults from 20 to 40 years old who live in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area; and included a range of outdoor recreation participation – from those who have low involvement to those that participate in a variety of activities and visit state parks on a regular basis. 

The focus groups explored potential barriers to participating in outdoor recreation and ways in which greater participation might be promoted among younger age groups in Minnesota. 

Schoenbauer Consulting, LLC designed the focus group discussion guides, moderated the groups (with C.J. Olson), analyzed the results, and presented key findings to DNR staff. 

Findings from this study were used to inform research conducted by the DNR, management decisions, and recruitment/retention strategies of park users. In particular, the results of the focus groups helped inform the design of the MN DNR 2007 Parks Study.