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Project Profile: Regional-Level Park and Trail Master Planning 

Over his career, Jeff was the principal-in-charge and lead planner* on a multitude of regional-level park and trail master plans for many of the regional park agencies in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. 

The following highlights a cross-section of these parks and trails:
  • Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park MP – Washington County
  • Quarry Park MP – Stearns County 
  • Lebanon Hills Regional Park MP – Dakota County
  • Bunker Hills Regional Park MP – Anoka County
  • Spring Lake Park Reserve MP – Dakota County 
  • Lake Waconia Regional Park MP – Carver County 
  • Lake Minnewashta Regional Park MP – Carver County
  • Spring Lake Regional Park MP – Scott County
  • St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park MP – Washington County 
  • Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park Reserve MP – Anoka County
  • St. Croix Valley Regional Trail MP – Washington County
  • Lake Links Trail System MP – Washington/Ramsey Counties
  • Point Douglas Regional Trail MP -- Washington County
  • Hastings to Red Wing Trail -- Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota 

The listed regional parks and park reserves ranged from 200 to over 2,500 acres. The trails ranged from 10 to over 34 miles in length. In each case, the planning process included extensive public input. 

Project listing includes work Jeff completed under Schoenbauer Consulting, LLC and Brauer & Associates, Ltd. In each case, Jeff was the principal-in-charge and lead planner.