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Kathy Schoenbauer, MBA

Project Planner/Manager
Public Outreach/Engagement Specialist
Research Specialist  

Kathy Schoenbauer has over 30 years of experience in private and public sector consulting, with areas of professional services including: 
  • Strategic planning - for parks, trails, and open space initiatives
  • Research projects – project design, data gathering, analysis and action planning for surveys, focus groups, and secondary research
  • Designing and implementing community outreach programs
  • Group facilitation 
  • Professional coaching 
  • Project planning and management

Prior to her public sector work, Kathy was a senior consultant and director of operations for Personnel Decisions International and QI International.
Key Qualifications: 
  • M.B.A. from the University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul, MN and B.S. in Recreation Administration from the University of Minnesota 
  • Experienced researcher, facilitator, coach, trainer and curriculum designer – work includes moderating focus groups for a MN Department of Natural Resources research initiative; implementing a community outreach program for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board; and conducting a series of “Redefining the Development process” workshops under a Bush Foundation grant and Government Training Services workshop series
  • MN DNR Future Strategies Committee - to assist the agency in discovering  a new direction for Minnesota state parks and trails based on current  trends and  funding realities
  • Project manager for the LCMR-funded Best Practices for Parks and Outdoor Recreation project (2005 – 2007) – which was cosponsored by Minnesota Recreation and Park Association and MN Department of Natural Resources 
  • Specialist in primary research initiatives -- ranging from community surveys to projects such as safety and crime on paved trails in Minnesota, campground use patterns, and mountain bike trails
  • Strategic planning -- helping organizations define strategic direction and organizational focus
  • Planner and researcher for the Greater MN Regional Parks and Trails Strategic Plan

Kathy was extensively involved in the community outreach and needs assessment process for the MPRB comprehensive plan.
Kathy undertook the qualitative research related to outdoor recreation participation in Minnesota, which was then used as the basis for developing the Minnesota State Parks Research Project conducted by MN DNR. 
5054 Drew Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410 
Planning / Public Process / Research / Design Services  
Specializing in Parks / Trails / Recreational Facilities / Open Space 
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