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Over his 30+ year career, Jeff has been a principal-in-charge and lead planner/designer on a wide variety of paved trail projects at the local, regional, and state-level. His experience with trail planning, along with his writing work on trail standards and guidelines, have made him a sought after speaker and workshop leader at state and national conferences. 

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Project Profile: Point Douglas Regional Trail Master Plan - Washington County

Schoenbauer Consulting, LLC recently completed a comprehensive master plan for the Point Douglas Regional Trail in southern Washington County. The study area extends from Point Douglas Park (and Prescott, WI) on the east to Highway 61 on the west, where it will connect with a trail to Hastings being planned by Mn/DOT as part of a larger roadway and bridge project. 

The majority of the trail corridor is a rails-to-trails conversion, with one segment falling within the Highway 10 ROW.  

Jeff was the principal-in-charge and lead planner for the project. Kathy was the project manager, lead trends researcher, and co-facilitated the public process. 

Click on cover image to review a PDF of the master plan report!