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Project Profile: Trail Planning, Design, and Development Guidelines – MN DNR 

Jeff Schoenbauer was the principal author* of a comprehensive trail manual covering all aspects of trail planning, design, and development for use by public agencies, professional planners, designers, and lay persons interested in trails. 

The project involved securing input from trail advocates from across the country to ensure that the manual reflected the best, most sustainable practices available. 

The manual received two major awards, including 2007 Achievement Award from the National Coalition for Recreational Trails – the highest national award available – and a 2008 Merit Award from MASLA. The manual was published in March 2007.

Jeff reviewed the design and performance of literally thousands of miles of trails and interviewed experts from across the country in determining the best practices for developing all classifications of trails.   

* Project was completed when Jeff was a principal with Brauer & Associates, Ltd. 
Project Profile: Planning and Urban Design Standards – American Planning Association (2006)  Publisher: John Wiley and Sons

Jeff Schoenbauer authored two key sections, defined as articles, for the latest revision to these nationally-recognized planning and design standards. The first set of guidelines focused on contemporary approaches to parks and open spaces planning, with the second set focusing on trails. His writing was completed in 2005, with the publication now available through the publisher.