Our Focus

Working exclusively on the public side, Schoenbauer Consulting, LLC blends innovative approaches to community engagement and collaboration to find creative yet implementable and economically-viable solutions for public initiatives. 

The driving principle behind our practice is providing personalized professional services to meet our client’s needs. With all work tasks handled directly by the firm’s principals, our clients can rest assured that the nuances of what is learned from the public process will be reflected in project outcomes. 

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     Areas of Practice

  • Comprehensive and strategic planning for parks, open space and trail systems - local, regional, and state-wide 
  • Master planning and design for trails and greenways 
  • Master planning and design for local, regional, and state parks
  • Collaborative approach to community planning/development 
  • Public outreach/engagement
  • Research and performance measurement – to inform decision-making, strategic direction. and funding allocations
  • National, state, and local planning, design, and development guidelines for parks, recreational facilities, open spaces, and trails 
  • Campground planning, design, and development
  • Building organizational capacity

Committed to finding creative yet implementable and economically-viable solutions for public initiatives!

5054 Drew Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410 
Planning / Public Process / Research / Design Services  
Specializing in Parks / Trails / Recreational Facilities / Open Space 
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