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Collaborative Approach to Community Planning/Development

In an effort to be more proactive in helping local government units (LGUs) manage development, Schoenbauer Consulting has been working with LGUs to evolve their strategies for managing development, including authoring a handbook (as profiled), doing workshops related to the handbook, and working directly with LGUs, developers, and regulatory agencies to devise win-win-win development solutions.

Additional project examples include:
  • Woodland Cove 500-acre Development - City of Minnetrista

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Project Profile: Redefining the Development Process Handbook and Workshops - Bush Foundation Grant

Jeff authored a handbook entitled: Redefining the Development Process: Choosing Collaboration over Contention to Protect Natural Resources and Maximize the Public Value of Private Development. The handbook and subsequent workshops focus on: 
  • Increasing awareness of evolving approaches for LGUs to work with landowners and developers to maximize the public value of private development  
  • Providing insights into how LGUs can reshape the way traditional regulatory controls are leveraged to achieve their unique community vision and set of public values
  • Gaining first-hand exposure to other practitioners’ and developers’ perspectives on working effectively together
  • Taking away specific practices, techniques, and examples that can be applied in any community