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Building Organizational Capacity

One of the major goals of Schoenbauer Consulting, LLC is to take every opportunity to help our clients build their own capacity to undertake initiatives and become an even more successful and effective organization. In addition to traditional consulting services, we offer: 
  • Workshops/presentations -- to introduce new approaches to age-old planning and design challenges
  • Coaching and mentoring -- one-on-one assistance to staff to reduce the learning curve on applying new approaches to complex projects  

Additional project examples include:

Project Profile: Best Practices for Parks and Outdoor Recreation – MN DNR and MRPA 

Kathy Schoenbauer was the project manager and principal organizer of all events for this 2-year initiative that was an outgrowth of the 2004 LCMR Parks Study and the 2003-2008 State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP). The Best Practices for Parks and Outdoor Recreation project focused on providing outdoor recreation professionals an opportunity to share existing best practices, as well as suggest areas where best practices are lacking. 

Key aspects of the project included: 
  • Best Practices Summit – over 230 people were involved as participants, speakers, moderators, note-takers, facilitators, registrars and co-collaborators, with the goal being to share best practices in parks and outdoor recreation
  • Best Practices Regional Workshops – were held in each region of the state to address issues of critical importance to that region; workshops were held at Itasca State Park, Two Harbors, Owatonna, Maplewood, and the MRPA Annual Conference
  • Co-sponsored events – including a workshop by Richard Louv, Author of Last Child in the Woods
  • Best Practices Capstone Event – brought together a broad cross-section of outdoor recreation providers to determine how to address critical issues, such as declining participation in outdoor recreation that surfaced over the course of the project. 
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