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Project Profile: Lake Vermilion State Park Natural-Surfaced Trails – MN DNR 

In concert with a major campground development, Schoenbauer Consulting, LLC is currently teamed with SRF Consulting Group to design, prepare construction documents, and oversee construction of purpose-built natural-surfaced trails at Lake Vermilion State Park in Minnesota's North Country. As the newest state park, the goal is to develop high quality sustainable trails for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. As with the campground, the trails will take advantage of the site's picturesque setting on the shores of one of Minnesota's most recognized lakes. Scheduled for 2014 construction, the development program includes development of up to 4 miles of purpose-built natural-surfaced trails, overlooks, lakeshore sitting perches, and boardwalks.  

As the principal designer, Jeff worked with the design team and DNR staff to prepare a trails plan. He will also be overseeing field design and construction to ensure that design principles and aesthetic goals are achieved, and lives up to DNR's expectation of creating an inspiring, high quality trail experience that complements the nearby camping experience to entice visitors to return time and again.   

Exhibiting the natural beauty of the park and lake is a key trail design goal. 
The natural-surfaced trails at Lake Vermilion State Park will tie seamlessly into the proposed campground.